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2A Armament Bolt Carrier Group, Titanium Regulated Bolt Carrier Group, AR Platfrom, Bead Blasted Matte Finish 2A-LWTIBCG-A-MAT
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The Titanium Regulated Bolt Carrier (RBC) is an ultra-lightweight carrier with a gas regulating gate built into the carrier itself. This provides a drop in"" extremely lightweight solution for those looking to tune their AR-15's gas system and minimize felt recoil. It eliminates the need for adjustable gas blocks and allows the firearm to be restored to a factory full weight system by simply swapping the full-mass carrier back into the firearm. The RBC has infinite adjustment from fully open"" to fully closed on the regulating gate. The RBC can be tuned to most combinations of buffers"" springs"" suppressors"" and barrel lengths. The RBC Is fully adjustable through the port door and does not require the firearm to be broken down for adjustment.

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