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Aquamira, Frontier Max, Filtration System, Includes Backcountry Plus Filter, Black and Gray
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The Aquamira Frontier Max is the only outdoor and tactical filter system"" good for 1000 gallons of field use. Series IV Connectivity lets you customize the Max with any Series IV filter cartridge. UQC fittings allow you to connect the Max with the Aquamira hydration engine and pressurize for on-the-go"" plug-and-play in-line filtration anywhere. The Aquamira Frontier Max is the most versatile inline filter available on the market today. The Aquamira Series IV GRN Line Backcountry filter included with the Max is good for the removal of bacteria"" Cryptosporidium and Giardia for 1000 gallons of use. It proudly boasts a flow rate of up to 800 ml/min for immediate thirst protection. Aquamira Series IV connectivity allows you to customize the Max with any Series IV filter cartridge for use in emergencies"" international travel"" backcountry excursions or anywhere the water may be of questionable biological or chemical quality. The patented UQC connectors make it simple to plug into any hydration pack or inline system without a need to replace your current connectors. Plug in the patented Bite Me valve to convert your MAX into a straw filter. For a complete"" high-performance system combine the Aquamira Frontier Max with the award winning Geigerrig pressurized hydration engine for easy"" on-the-go"" plug-and-play in-line water filtration anywhere and anytime you need it.

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