KG AR15 5.56/223/300AAC Bolt Action Conversion Kit Carbine Length


KG AR15 Bolt Action Conversion Kit

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KG AR15 5.56/223/300AAC Bolt Action Conversion Kit Carbine Gas Tube


Perfect for States that do not allow semi-auto AR15, by making your AR15 into a straight pull bolt action rifle. After every shot the charging handle must be pulled to load the next round. The BCG gas key is made not to operate with the gas tube, and the adjustable gas block is set on the off position. The upper can be turn back into a semi-auto receiver by change out the BCG and setting the adjustable gas block when the owner is in State that allows semi auto AR15.




Advantage over other Bolt Action AR15 systems


• 1.      Allows user to use any AR15 charging Handle


• 2.      Prevents fouling and gas blow back in the upper receiver


• 3.      Increases velocity


• 4.      Adjustable Gas system allows for custom gas setting when upper is back in semi auto.


Complete 5.56/223/300AAC BCG with bolt action gas key

Adjustable Micro .750 Gas Block with installes Carbine Gas tube

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